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The nest is the safe haven from which birds take off to discover the world through the air.
The NIDO collection, meant to be worn by spirited men and women alike, reflects this wish to protect the diamond while letting it move and breathe, revealing its fascinating beauty through a delicate interlacing of precious metal.
Available in platinum, pink, yellow or white gold.





Here is the philosophy that has been driving Daimondi’s founder, Karim Hourie, ever since he discovered his passion for gemology at the age of 9. Fascinated by diamonds, he did not understand then why they had to be set permanently on metal, when their fundamental beauty sufficed to fill him with wonder.

Today, the young Italian-Lebanese designer decided to get rid of conventions by proposing a new, aerial vision of high jewelry, to sublime the only thing that really matters: the gem, protected by a finely crafted nest, yet free to move and be admired from all angles. No need to shut it away in a dark safe, to only take it out during special occasions: with Daimondi, your diamonds are celebrated every day on your wrist, neck, broches, cuffs… there is no limit to where their essence can be revealed.

Every Daimondi piece is made exclusively from GIA-certified natural diamonds, worked and ornamented in the best Swiss workshops before being presented to the public in their Geneva boutique..