No more hiding

A new, aerial vision of high jewellery
subliming the only thing
that really matters:

the gem.

Getting rid of conventions

Karim Hourie, founder and designer for the House.

Since I was a child, I have always been fascinated by diamonds and gemology. I did not understand then why they had to be set permanently in metal, when their fundamental beauty suced to fill me with wonder.

Today, I oer a chance to follow my vision of jewellery, where the gems are at the center of everything. No need to shut them away in a dark safe, or to only take them out during special occasions: with DAIMONDI, your gems are celebrated everywhere on your wrist, neck, broches, cus… ”

There is no limit to where their essence can be revealed.


A light breath in the world of high jewellery

At DAIMONDI, we propose an innovative way to preserve a nature’s work of art, giving the gems their letters of nobility back by making them live every day with their owner.

The gems, protected by a finely crafted nest, are free to move and shine, to be admired from every angles in complete authenticity and respect. They can be worn in every way imaginable as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, cus…

An extraordinary product of Swiss craftmanship

Every gem is placed in a finely hand crafted nest, made with care using the most traditional goldsmithing techniques, with a savoir-faire perfected over generations.

A necessary protection to sublime the gems, the DAIMONDI nests are worked and ornamented in some of the most prestigious Swiss ateliers.

Rediscovering the essence of diamonds

DAIMONDI is one of the only Houses allowing you to access the very discreet and protected world of gem merchants. Every one of our diamonds are certified by the leading institution in the matter, the Gemological Institute of America.

All of the certificates are kept indefinitely in our vaults to be accessed anytime, making a DAIMONDI piece a sure value that can be passed on to loved ones over generations.

Our gems are carefully and personally chosen from the best suppliers around the world, from New York to Hong Kong, passing by Antwerp and Bangkok.